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  1. Galley, Heads, Plumbing, Propane, Water etc 💦
    It is time to replace my hot water heater on my Tartan 34-2. I think I have that basically figured out, but I'll take any wisdom out there. I will add the recommended check valves and mixer valves in addition to a bypass, and end with flexible SS hose at the tank. But since I'm connecting it to...
  2. Engines 🦾
    Hi All, I've got a Universal Atomic Diesel model 5416 on my Erickson 30+ sailboat. I believe I've got an air gap in the coolant system. Just replaced the heat exchanger because there was almost no seawater coming out the back. A couple years ago had the heat exchanger insides cleaned out, so...
1-2 of 2 Results