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  1. Yanmar 2QM15 Cooling Pipe Question

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi All, Launched my Oday 30 yesterday and one of my cooling pipes sprang a leak. When looking for a replacement part this AM was informed that part (124070-49060 PIPE, COOLING WATER) has been discontinued by Yanmar. This is the molded pipe that is located in the front of engine and goes from...
  2. Intermittent Raw Water Flow Issue with Perkins 4-108

    Hello: Intermittent raw water flow issue with Perkins 4-108: Normally my engine has no water flow issues. However, this year, I have gone to start the engine twice and had no raw water flow from the exhaust. Both times it happened after sailing (but only once was the boat healed over...
  3. Overheating, cooling or exhaust system issue?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Just when I had my A4 running like a top she has blessed me with another mystery problem. Here is the rundown: Last week I was heading out for a quick little ride. On my way out of the harbor my boat started acting strange and engine speed started fluctuating (around 1500-1700rpm.) All of a...
  4. Engine Winterization Question

    Is it important to have the engine cooling water passages filled with antifreeze over the winter? Or is it OK to have the cooling system partially drained? I have a 1981, 13 hp Volvo diesel. It is raw water cooled. I’m concerned that a partially drained system will promote internal...