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  1. Green and white corrosion on through hull

    Plumbing, Heads, Water, Bilges etc
    After months of forced isolation very far away from our boat, we came back and found a poor looking through hull for our sink/freezer drain. The boat is an Oceanis 41, 7 years old, and sat at the dock, with a galvanic isolator. Anodes have been changed regularly and bottom cleaned by a diver...
  2. Lost the rig

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    My description and takeaways for a nasty event. I will humbly accept feedback. This event took place in October, 2019. It was the first day of a 12 week beer can – lake sailing - race season; racing every other Saturday. Typically, we manage to get in three races each race day. During the...
  3. Shaft woes, are we talking a total replacement here?

    Hi All, I currently looking at a used Tartan (26yrs old) and have a few hangups, the first BIG one being that propeller shaft is corroded between the engine and the stuffing box and saltwater has given it that bright blue hue. Could be caused by lack of maintenance on the stuffing box, or the...
  4. Mast Paint

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have some corrosion on my mast base... From my recent survey, "There is light corrosion built up at the mast wire pass-thru at the base clear, clean & re-inspect. Make repairs if found necessary." The corrosion is limited to the bottom 3-6", so I plan to only remove the paint from the bottom...
  5. Any tips for removing corroded bolts at rudder?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Good day everyone! I am in need of some advice as to the best method to remove bolts that are corroded into their sleeves in a tight area. I am in the process of refinishing the topside, and I need to remove the rudder in order to do a proper job on the transom (the rudder is mounted to the...
  6. Looking for saildrive

    Gear & Maintenance
    Looking for a saildrive S120 to be re-connected to a volvo MD11.on a Waucquiez Pretorien P35/1984 : my housing is a bit ... corroded after 31 years of I think good service... Does anyone know if a Yanmar saildrive would be compatible? Thank you !
  7. Yikes! Mooring System Failure

    Gear & Maintenance
    The bad news: Last night, I looked out into our cove to find that our 500 lbs. mooring system was not in its usual location ... in fact, nowhere to be seen. The good news: Our boat is on the hard for the winter. So, this mooring ball was installed with a 500 lbs mushroom in 2009. I found the...
  8. corrosion in aluminum mast - options

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have recently un-stepped my mast in order to make a repair. Upon further inspection i have noticed a small area of galvanic corrosion above the cabin, on the forward side of the mast, where a stainless fitting was mounted. The corrosion has eaten a small hole, less than 1/4" in diameter...