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  1. Input on Elan Impression 434

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    An outlier compared to the boats I'm currently looking at for my next pride and joy (Sabre 402, Tartan 4100, Gozzard 44) --the Elan Impression 434. Does anyone here have any indirect/direct experience with this manufacturer/model?? I'm looking for a cruiser with the capability of making the...
  2. Wauquiez 40 Pilot Saloon information/owner feedback

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Hello all! I'm considering two Wauquiez 40 Pilot Saloons available on the eastern seaboard. I've never been aboard any of their boats except the much different and older Pretorien 35, manufactured well before the they were owned (for a period) by Beneteau. I'd really like to get some feedback...
  3. Incredible live VOLCANO, part 2 Sailing Indonesia (Learning By Doing Ep 91)

    Cruising Videos
    Dukono Volcano Part 2 After a very short night we got ready to climb to the Volcano crater in part 2 of the Dukono adventure. As our clothes had not had time to dry out and the climate on the mountain being very different than on the coast we spent a very cold few hours in the tent trying to...
  4. Marek

    Introduce Yourself
    Just joined. Learning as much as I cna. Possibly buying a boat sometime in the fall of 2019
  5. "Philosophy of Sailing: Offshore in Search of the Universe"

    Apps & Authors
    Here's a "trailer" for the new book, now available on Amazon. Regards, Christian
  6. From dinghies to cruisers

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Dear all, I have been sailing on dinghies for several years now, and recently became an instructor of the french sailing federation. My plan is now to learn how to sail on cruisers. I have tried to do this by taking a couple of classes in the past few years and, while I had a clear advantage...
  7. Hello SailNet community!

    Introduce Yourself
    [FONT="Century Gothic"]Hello Everyone ! Just wanted to say hello and introduce ourselves. We are a couple from TX currently refitting our 1984 O'DAY 39 sailboat to go cruising in, we have been documenting all of our projects and actives we have done so far. Our sailboat was recently impacted...
  8. Check out the newest video! Settling in! ;)

    Cruising Videos
    Finally made it into Southern California butr can't wait to get across the line! :2 boat:
  9. Cruising on a Baltic 43

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Hi there! Any Baltic 43 owners out there? This is a boat I like for many reasons (although I have yet to sail one) and was wondering if you guys have any advice on pros/cons with regards to it being a good boat for long distance cruising. All of them are older boats now, so I understand that...
  10. What do you do with garbage during an offshore voyage.

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    This is something I have been wondering about lately, while it seems like it will be several more years before I am ready to do any bluewater sailing, I was wondering what the offshore sailors do with their garbage during long passages. I would assume that a significant amount of waste is...
  11. Books and Resources for Navigation and Seamanship

    Seamanship & Navigation
    Happy Monday everyone! I have been sailing for about 3 years now, and usually with 22ft boats. I am currently away from my sailing center and with this time off from sailing, I'd like to increase my knowledge about sailing. I've been reading some books, but I don't think these reads really...
  12. Another video- This one in the Spanish Med

    Cruising Videos
    We took a trip to Spain and sailed the Balearic Islands. I captured a lot more of the local flair than my last video. It's not just about sailing, but also Spanish life. We were lucky enough to catch some of the Vuelta de España (bike race) and many other cool events while we were there. It's...
  13. Best Place to Start a Sailing Blog for Cruising

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Hello. My husband and I have recently purchased our liveaboard boat, Sirena, a Tayana 55, which we have sailed from Bellingham WA to San Franciso last week. We're wrapping things up in our old home now and preparing to move aboard and start our circumnavigation at the end of this year. My...
  14. Crew wanted

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Write a book, your philosophies or poems. Produce a video or a picture collection. Be a painter, look at moons and stars in the night, sunrise and sunsets, dive, fish, visit many harbours and cities or be creative as you like - at the same time as we sail from Europe, Split westwards over the...
  15. Not much happening on this forum

    Lake Erie
    So, uh, new to Lake Erie sailing -- I learned to sail in the Pacific Northwest -- but surely there's more action on Lake Erie than this forum suggests... I live in Akron and I don't have a boat, but I've got the itch again. Moved here two years ago and have some weekly cruising and beer can...
  16. I'm new to the Forum

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi Everyone, I've just joined the Sailnet Forum and wanted to introduce myself. I started sailing seriously about 2 years ago, and purchased my boat last December. The boat spent 2 months on the hard in St. Petersburg, Fl getting refurbished, then another 2 months back in the water finishing...
  17. Cruisers Wanted for Research Project

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    DO YOU LIVE ON YOUR SAILBOAT? HAVE YOU BEEN CRUISING FULL-TIME FOR AT LEAST ONE YEAR? DO YOU SPEND TIME IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, OR ARE YOU PLANNING TO IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS? I’m a sailor who lived aboard my 27 Catalina with my partner for one summer, but now we are back on land for school...
  18. A quick video about cruising the BVI and Puerto Rico

    Cruising Videos
    Hope you enjoy it, its more or less my first real video (more than 1 minute long or so)
  19. Sailing in the Mediterranean

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Episode 52 of The Sailing Podcast is with Franz Amussen about Sailing in the Mediterranean. Franz decided to build a Bristol Channel Cutter after being inspired by Lin and Larry Pardey and their stories of adventure in Seraffyn. Franz built his Lyle Hess design in his backyard and, after...
  20. Unfettered Use of my Hans Christian for 6 months...

    Crew Wanted/Available
    How would you like to have exclusive use of a 38’ Hans Christian Traditional sailboat for 6 months or so? For the right person(s), this could be a fantastic opportunity! The Situation: I have lived aboard Candide for 18 years, and she’s currently docked in downtown Washington, D.C...