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    As I hone my sights in on my "dream" sailboat I'm finding that several of them happen to be cutters. More specifically, I really like the Hans Christian 38 Traditional and there are a few for sale on the west coast where I will be spending a substantial amount of time sailing. Most of my sailing...
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    Wow! Beautiful. 55' Bermudian Cutter
  3. Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hi Folks, Long time lurker, first time poster with a question that may rankle. After over a decade of daysailing and doing short weekend cruises to nearby locations - CA Channel Islands mostly - on our Newport 30 MkII, we've decided to step things up with a larger boat that can handle guests...
  4. Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hi, There is a 1983 Wellington 47 Foot Trunk Cabin Center Cockpit on EBay (120925161382). Anyone know anything about this particular sailboat on and/or the Wellington 47 in general? Regards
  5. Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hello all! I work away from home and I am looking for a boat to serve as a "4 nights a week live aboard", but also to cruise on with my wife and two tween children in the Strait of Georgia/Puget Sound/Johnstone Strait area. I have found two boats that seem like likely prospects. Both, I...