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  1. Florida & SE US East Coast
    Hello, I am new to the site. My two college buddies and I were wanting to take my family's small O Day, dat sailor down to Florida and camp for about a week. The boat is only of 17' length so we are wanting to stay in protected areas and camp on islands. We have looked at the 10000 Island's...
  2. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hi there! We just got the boat to Miami, we have a fast 44 foot sailing boat, and the biggest challenge is currently finding a marina. My Dad and I crossed the Atlantic together (he is 72, a professional Naval Architect and sailed 4 times around the world, 12 Atlantic crossinges, etc... ) and...
  3. Please Introduce Yourself
    I use to sail Catalina 22-27 boats in single class races and have owned several boats. I currently am boatless but would like to crew for those who need a hand. I also enjoy teaching boat handling and have much advice to share, if it is solicited. I last kept my boat at Maryland Marina on...
1-3 of 3 Results