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  1. Diesel
    I have recently acquired a Victoria 26 (mcvay) with a bmw D7. After some work, and flushing the fuel system the engine runs great. However, it takes quite a bit of cranking to get it started. Once it starts I can immediately kill it and it will fire right back up. I'm new to diesle but I believe...
  2. Engines
    Picked up an 77' Islander 30 and the diesel motor has been removed and an outboard installed. Anyone know any reason the original existing fuel tank (likely aluminum I suspect that's what they put in back then, correct me if Im wrong please) can't be used for gasoline for the outboard? (I'll...
  3. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Inside and in the bowels of my boat lies a Bukh 48 HP deisel that is not running. The kid that messed with it before I took it away from him played with it and now I have a box of parts. It still has compression, will turn over, but that's as far as I will go. Anyone out there have any advice?????
1-3 of 3 Results