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  1. Diesel
    Hello Sailors! Any suggestions or help on the steps to take when properly starting or airing fuel lines on a Yanmar 2GM20F diesel engine? I am the latest owner of a 1979 Hunter Cherubini with a Yanmar 2GM20F and the PO owner had not started it since the fuel tank had to be removed and repaired...
  2. Diesel
    Sharing the results of recent efforts to collect and consolidate technical and operator data for Renault Marine Couach RC8D. Hope this helps someone else. Take care. ~MHz
  3. Diesel
    I installed a lift pump made by Facet that is the same in every aspect as the one normally listed as a drop-in replacement for my OEM pump, except this one has higher flow. Is there any reason why this could cause an issue? My fuel line to the pump is 1/4 inch, but I don't see how that would...
  4. Boat Equipment - For Sale and Wanted
    New never installed Volvo Penta MD11D 1983, has damage to the right rear mount, would not effect saildrive installation. Located Long Island New York, would deliver for a fair fee. $6500. $5500 without the gear.
  5. Diesel
    Greetings. I am looking for a fuel tank for a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379 Performance. Does anyone know where to find one? Thanks!
  6. Diesel
    Can anyone help identifying make/model of this diesel on a Newport 30? I think they were built with an Atomic 4 so the boat has obviously been re-engine'd. Engine mounts look solid. Are they original? Thanks in advance.
  7. Diesel
    I am helping my friend with his Gemini that has a Westerbeke 30B, 3 cylinder. The engine with about 4000 hours. It has been working fine, but last month he made it to the outer channel marker and the engine quit. Since then we have tried several things but no luck. The symptoms are the engine...
  8. Diesel
    [FONT="Arial"]Owner of Cascade 29. It carries a Volvo Penta MD2B. Old (original?) morris control. The transmission seems okay. Doesn't stick, stays in one place. But the the throttle creeps back and would power down until the engine shuts off unless you are able to push it forward where...
  9. Gear & Maintenance
    I have a Hi Seas c100 on my CT41 in WA. It looks great and works ok, nice dry heat but I suspect it needs a good cleaning and a new wick. A few older threads have mentioned they have a PDF of the manual and info on the valve assembly. But no actual posting of the manual and not much thread...
  10. Diesel
    Hello. I would love a second opinion on my Penta MD6a. I had a propeller foul and a high rev of the throttle when this happened. A video showing the problem: Does not seem to be mixing with oil although the water ejected is mixed with a black soot like...
  11. Diesel
    I need to replace a fuel pump for my Westerbeke 30 (Four-91). It's weeping diesel and it isn't lifting any diesel. It looks like the original fuel pump is no longer available through Westerbeke, so I'm waiting out the holiday weekend before I can contact a few straggler parts places that might...
  12. Diesel
    My blower has been broken for a while. I will probably replace it (pretty inexpensive). Is a blower with an in-board diesel necessary? There aren't explosive gasses, so is it just for cooling the engine compartment or reducing smells?
  13. Diesel
    On a crate and ready to ship. Complete with deluxe control panel, 2.5:1 transmission, and all marinizing components. See my craigslist ad here. Marine Diesel Engine 3 cyl 21hp Westerbeke Removed from our Nordic 34, which we repowered recently. Paul
  14. Diesel
    Hi all, I have been reading these posts and have helped me a lot, unfortunately I have a problem which I have not been able to find a solution to so I am putting it out to the wider community in the hope for some assistance. We are currently docked in Philippines. Engine is 50 hp Perkins...
  15. Diesel
    Hello Forum, I am a newbie - just bought a '79 Catalina 27'. The original engine was a Petters (sp?) and it currently has a Yanmar 2GM20F inboard diesel. I've heard the engine is worth more than the boat. Ha! At any rate, I have scoured the web, and am not finding any kind of a simple...
  16. Gear & Maintenance
    My 1980 Cal 31 is currently equipped with a Universal 16hp inboard diesel engine. Most of the time it is fine, but we have run into situations wherein the horsepower just isn't enough to power through wind and waves in tight quarters where we can't use the sails. Would like to know what my...
  17. Gear & Maintenance
    Hello friends! The valve that controls flow from the diesel tank to the motor leaked during the delivery of my boat to the marina. I took out all of the diesel that was on the bilge. What do you recommend to remove the diesel smell / stench from the cabin? Thanks! A.D.
  18. Boat Review Forum
    ... purchase a 32foot ocean capable sailboat without working electronics? The panels have been removed, in process of updating. There was a guy showing one off for an out of state friend, but when I asked if the motor could be started, the guy declined. Despite the owner saying the motor is...
  19. Diesel
    Working 197X Westerbeke 40 on a Perkins 4.107 Block. Hurth Gear Approximately 1995. Counter Clockwise Rotation for forward. Gear has less than 150 hours. Drive Saver. Custom Alternator Bracket supports dual alternators (only 1 comes with Engine). New Fuel Filter Assembly. New Fuel Pump...
  20. Diesel
    Hello everyone, I have the O'Day 28 with Universal Atomic Diesel No. 11, I can't seem to be able to find a manual for it anywhere, is this supposed to be the same thing as model No. 2-12 (two to twelve?). Any help appreciated!
1-20 of 39 Results