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  1. Reversing out of a slip with the wind

    Learning to Sail
    Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am in a very windy narrow marina (Pacific coast). I have a Catalina 22 MkII. When in my slip bow in first, the wind typically is crossing the port side of my bow, so upwind slip with a port to starboard crosswind. When i exit I need to reverse out and head...
  2. Advice on parking a Bristol 40

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hello All-- I've been sailing a couple of years, mostly in a local sailing club's benehunter 30 - somethings. I can handle them okay in the marina and slips-- I know how prop walk/ wash works, effects of wind, backing and filling, etc. I just bought a Bristol 40, and it handles quite...
  3. Moved the new boat to her new Marina

    Introduce Yourself
    Short version: We lived! Long version: First, I had to take "the crew" out to breakfast to conduct our pre sail briefing. We prepped the boat and practiced docking one more time. Then we headed to the gas dock to top off the tank. Avoided crashing into the boat tied ahead of us, and filled up...
  4. Learning to dock shorthanded

    Learning to Sail
    My wife and I have been struggling to find a good docking strategy when it's just the two of us. I'm at the helm and feel comfortable using the motor to control forward / aft movement, but there is a moment when we always lose control of either the bow or stern. Right as we lose forward momentum...
  5. Good Places to Dock around Toronto

    Lake Ontario
    I sail in Toronto out of the NYC on a Hunter 36, 4'11" shoal draft keel. We often tie up to the wall at Hanlan's Point, but I'm always keeping my eye out for alternative places to tie up, be it for a few hours or just to drop off/pick up passengers. I found one good spot immediately to the...
  6. Docking stern in, strong crosswind

    Seamanship & Navigation
    I am trying to complete an online sailing test and got stuck in one question: You're about to dock stern to with mooring lines. The wind is 20 knots from the side. How do you approach the quay? A) From the windward side of your berth with the bow into the wind B) Straight C) From the leeward...
  7. Backing into slip with Monitor wind vane

    Seamanship & Navigation
    I installed my long desired Monitor wind vane last year. Before I got it, I always parked stern-to because the marina has short finger piers and access to the cockpit is so much easier when moored that way. Now, I'm so nervous about damaging the vane and its supports that I never back into my...