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  1. PLB or HX870 VHF with GPS and DSC Lake Michigan

    I'm going to be sailing on Lake Michigan solo this summer and considering getting a PLB like the AquaLink™ View PLB Model Number: PLB-350C / Part Number 2884 (is the extra money for the screen worth it? what does it allow you to do the other w/out screen doesnt?) or would I be "ok" with just a...
  2. DSC Radio Calls

    Seamanship & Navigation
    Like most modern VHF radios mine has the ability to do a DSC call. In fact mine is connected via the multifunction display to the AIS. This makes it a couple of button push from noticing a ship is going has entered my "zone of concern" - AIS or radar - to using the DSC function to call the ship...
  3. GARMIN 188c or 298 to VHF UNIDEN UM625c for DSC NMEA Operation

    Greetings, I have both a GARMIN 188C and 298 GPS Charplotter and UNIDEN 625c down in my chart room. Both GARMIN units are the EXACT same wiring harness and diagram in their respective manuals and confirmed by GARMIN Support. I've unsuccessfully been trying to connect either to my Uniden 625C...
  4. VHF Radio in the cockpit

    Gear & Maintenance
    So our 35' has a vhf radio mounted in the cockpit and one inside the cabin. The one in the cockpit is in the way, and people run into it all the time. I might relocate it to a better position, but I'm also considering just removing it entirely ... just relying on the cabin radio and my handheld...