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  1. Gear & Maintenance
    Hi fellow sailors, My name is Carlos Azevedo from Portugal and I'm the happy new owner os a 86" Dufour Yatch 4800 I'm trying to identify a Genoa Furling system that came with the boat, it seems a Facnor model and that makesense becouse Facnor and Dufour are French brands but I'm hoping someone...
  2. Dufour
    Hello, we own Nemo, a Dufour GibSea 51, and we are looking for other owners of the same boat to share experiences and maintenance updates. We have done a load of work on her and are in contact with one other owner in New Zealand, but would love to meet more owners. :captain:
  3. General Discussion - Sailing Related always a pleasure! I hope you enjoy the video! Pete
  4. Boat Review Forum
    I am a recent owner of a 1975 Dufour 24, popular in Europe and nearly invisible in the US. On all Dufour 24s after 1975 there is an amazing rolling kitchen setup, perfectly designed to slide under the starboard cockpit bench. I'm throwing a dart in the dark, but is there anyone in the...
  5. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Interesting question that I'm hoping someone might be able to answer. I was recently in avalon harbor on a bow/stern mooring for the night in a dufour375. While on the mooring, I noticed that the boat would swing rather violently from left to right. Of course this was more noticeable at high...
  6. Gear & Maintenance
    Hello, I'm in the process of replacing a badly frayed copper braided wire that runs from the backstay to one of the keep bolts on my 1969 Arpege. I understand that this is the bond/ground for the rigging. About half way along the wire there is what looks like a terminal block (just on the...
1-6 of 6 Results