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  1. Endeavour
    Hi there. Need to change the prop shaft of my 1980 E32. Does anybody knows the sizes-dimentions , of the prop shaft of E32 ??? Im in Panama and there is no boat yard around, dont like the idea of remove the shaft under water... Thats why i need de dimentions. I have been looking for it on...
  2. Endeavour
    It's apparent that the fuel tank in our 1982 E32 has a leak. Not going to entertain the how and why- other than it's old, has been on the hard the last couple of years- and at least one of those two years bilge water was left and froze solid. In any event- it's time to take action. I have read...
  3. Please Introduce Yourself
    Diving in head first. Looking for suggestions on where to begin to learn while getting her ready for the water. We happened to stumble on an opportunity of a lifetime and couldnt pass on her. Endeavour 32 with a solid hull, clean interior and only needing a good cleaning and a little love. We...
1-3 of 3 Results