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  1. Gear & Maintenance
    I'm a recent liveaboard and I hope to glean as much knowledge from the community as possible in regards to marine electronics. This thread is not bound by any particular boat size or lifestyle, just post your experiences with what you got and how you apply it so the new guys like me can learn a...
  2. Gear & Maintenance
    Hi everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself and show you a new winch technology I've been working on. It's basically an electric winch that you don't have to operate with buttons. One simply pulls on the line to activate the electric motor and stops pulling to stop the motor. I think...
  3. Electrical Systems
    Hi Im looking for advice on a decent Electric Mariner Outboard Motor for around 100-200 $. Does anyone have any comments about Mariner Electric? Any performance issues that anyone has experienced that the forum . i found The Mariner® quality engineering Outboards: 2 and 4 stroke engines...
  4. Electrical Systems
    I haven't yet bought my boat, new to the world of sailing, But planning ahead. I'm looking at how to limit my carbon footprint. Has anyone replaced their gas or diesel motor with a 20-25hp electric motor? Or any thoughts on doing so? I found a few through google for around $2000. Also, if you...
  5. General Discussion (sailing related)
  6. Gear & Maintenance
    Should I spend $125 for a new motor for my Jabsco electric head or $170 for a new manual unit? The motor must have a bad spot on it. When it does not work I rotate the shaft with pliers and it spins properly.
  7. General Discussion (sailing related)
    I'm considering buying a used '04 DuFour 37 which was in the UK, and has all European electrical systems. Does anyone know if I will be able to run my US stuff on this boat? It's got a 12V and 230V system. How much do you think it will cost to change everything over to US standard 110V? Will...