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  1. Dumb Electrical System Question

    Electrical Systems
    A previous owner upgraded the electrical system on my sailboat. It has two - 4D size batteries for the house systems and a single starter battery for the engine. My understanding is that the starter battery is supposed to be isolated and completely dedicated to starting the engine. However...
  2. Hypothetical Radar

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Time to play hypothetical questions. Let's say I have a boat. What boat isn't important. Let's say it has radar. Let's say there's a race called, say, Swiftsure. Let's say this race usually lasts a long day and two nights. Let's say it can go longer. Now let's say I want to run radar for the...
  3. 12V ground on the boat

    Electrical Systems
    I am beginning the electrical system refurb on my boat today, starting at the batteries, main switch battery multiplexer, and motor electrics. (Perhaps I will do a write up of what I find a little later as I get into it a bit more.) My question for today concerns the ground leg. First off...
  4. Replace Panel vs. Replace Switches

    Electrical Systems
    I recently replaced the anchor light. Going out to the boat this week, I checked on the light to make sure all was good. After turning on the master, then the anchor, I saw it wasn't working. So I checked on some other electrical items. Nothing working. I unscrewed the panel and noticed...
  5. Battery Switch Setup

    Gear & Maintenance
    HELP not sure if this would work but worth a short. I have two batterys and adding a interveter to my boat but i would like it on a switch and not one that dc panel switch. by my drawing would this work with diodes and two battery switches ? Thanks:eek:
  6. New member/sailboat owner..

    Introduce Yourself
    As the title says, we're new sailboat owners and SailNet members (after a few weeks of lurking)... but not yet sailors. Brief history...lots of time spent in small 12' - 14' fishing boats w/ a 9.9 hp Merc botherin' Walleyes and Northern Pike. Decades. Always wanted to sail. Bought a...
  7. Refrigeration Help

    Electrical Systems
    I will be cruising in the Caribbean for the next year or so and am building a new Freezer box for my 34' Seafarer (didnt have one before). I was back and forth between a Frig-o-boat compressor/evaporator system and an Adler Barbour system - both run on 12v DC current. Both systems costs about...
  8. Fuse in lighting bond circuit

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello, I'm in the process of replacing a badly frayed copper braided wire that runs from the backstay to one of the keep bolts on my 1969 Arpege. I understand that this is the bond/ground for the rigging. About half way along the wire there is what looks like a terminal block (just on the...