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  1. Offshore Drilling : New drill zones approved. Maps of this?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi Folks, I found the two attached maps detailing offshore drilling zones*as of February 2017, which is a members consortium for companies seeking drilling access using an intermediate to the US government. *Has anyone seen them?* I looks like a great deal of offshore drilling was extended...
  2. What a beach apparently looks like after a Sunsail flotilla has visited

    A friend is sailing in Greece and posted the following to her Facebook page. I wonder if this is a rogue occurrence or have others experienced similar? "We have been anchored at this lovely beach for several days. Tad and I spent about 5 hours in total cleaning up plastic bottles, caps, and...
  3. $854,400 in Fuel Spill Liability?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    A quote from a Major marine insurer automatically includes coverage for claims for cleanup due to accidental discharge of oil or fuel. The insurer says that the $850+K coverage---over and above the "standard" $300K of coverage for property damage/bodily injury---is important "now that laws...
  4. Environmental impact of Zinc/Magnesium Anodes

    Gear & Maintenance
    There was another thread dealing with choosing aluminum, zinc, or magnesium anodes for brackish waters. This same thread was discussed on another non-sailnet forum and the subject of using aluminum anodes came up because they supposedly have less of an "environmental impact". I had replied...