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  1. Mirage 30 Keel Joint and keel fairing question.

    SailNet Website Technical Support
    I purchased a Mirage 30 last year and I am in the process of removing the old anti fowl paint by orbital sander. The keel joint on the starboard is in bad shape as well as the keel on both sides needs fairing. Lots of material seems to have come off and the last owner simply sealed it up with an...
  2. 3M Marine High Strength Repair Filler

    Gear & Maintenance
    Does anyone have any experience/feedback using 3M Marine High Strength Repair Filler? It's a vinyl ester compound. I'm interested in using it for minor deck repairs ... some screw/through-bolt holes from removed hardware and and two openings, the largest being about 5" x 3". I want to fill and...