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  1. How Low Can We Go? (hp)

    My Int'l Folkboat has an outboard well and came with a 9.8hp 2-stroke engine that weighs 60 pounds. I hate that it drags in the water when I'm sailing, I almost never run it (and then only because I'm trying to keep it from getting gunked up), and I hate that slime and barnacles colonize while...
  2. Turnbuckle Source - NYC

    Gear & Maintenance
    brought a banged up turnbuckle to West Marine in Manhattan and they had nothing in stock or apparently even orderable to replace it. the particularly nice sales guy kept saying he wished they had a pair of calipers to accurately measure it. (i measure about 3/8" for both the pin diameter and...
  3. Hull-deck joint - suggestions needed Int'l Folkboat

    Gear & Maintenance
    hello - the previous owner of this Int'l Folkboat solved some hull-deck joint leaks with caulk. i need to figure out whether to take off the old caulk and redo the same sort of thing, or epoxy it, or something else. since this will be only my 2nd year as a member of the yachting class i'd...
  4. Folk Dancer 27, looking after lunch, experience anyone?

    Boat Reviews
    Going to look at a Folk Dancer 27 after lunch. Fiberglass boat, 1968, based on the folkboat but with 7 1/2 ft. beam. Never even heard of one myself, photo shows her lines that remind me of a Contessa 26 (saw one 2 days ago, also on the hard). It just popped up for sale nearby so I have to look...