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  1. Sailing the Gulf of Papagayo, Costa Rica...

    Hola amigos! We take thousands of photos while running our sailing tour business in Costa Rica, but not as many videos! Never too late to start! :) A friend (and crew guy) made this video for's like a movie trailer, so fun! This one was taken by another friend as we were passing the...
  2. Nautical Flea Market in Philippines on August 29, 2015

    News Feeds
    The 3rd annual Nautical Flea Market at Holiday Oceanview Marina on Samal Island, near davao City, Mindanao, Philippines will be held on Saturday 29 August 2015 - 9am-noon. Every boat enthusiast is welcome to come take a look at the big selection of marine equipment and sailing yachts for sale...
  3. Selling My 1979 23' Spirit

    North American Yachts
    It's time to move on. The Free Spirit is for sale. The boat is sitting in a live aboard marina in Key West at the moment I've had it for about a year and 1/2. I've got it for sale at $1000. If you are interested contact me and I'll send info and photos.
  4. Pacific Seacraft 37

    Pacific Seacraft
    Hi Everyone, I am on the hunt for a PSC 37 to buy. If you are within say 4000 odd miles of Australia and looking to sell your PSC then please PM me. Thank you James
  5. Boat Dreams

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Dreamt of sailing the world, on your own boat....yeh, me too. I have the boat. A classic late 70's racing yacht, Police Car: Google - "RB Sailing Police Car" for photos and a blog detailing the boats history.. On offer is an opportunity to buy a share in the boat and join the project of...
  6. P 35 for sale

    I am helping a friend sell a nice P-35. PEARSON 35 FOR SALE
  7. retired sailor plays

    Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    Hey all, I'm Marc and I have too much time on my hands...and there are too many great boats sitting. So I've been going around the Annapolis and Bay area finding some. Some very cool boats that need a new family to love them. Like a Cal 29 (two of them actually). Ever sailed one? If you...
  8. Dynamique 47, good or not?

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everybody. Does any one know anything about Dynamique yachts? I am looking at a Dynamique 47 which looks good but I know nothing about them. Also have a Corbin 39 PH for sale, message me for more details.
  9. Bristol 27 for sale in Miami

    Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    We are selling our Bristol27 (hull #352) sailboat. It has served us well but sadly we must be moving on. She is a bluewater capable sailor. She is powered by an atomic 4 inboard engine that has recently recieved a new electronic ignition, coil, rotar, cap, plugs/wires and a fuel pump. Also a...
  10. P30 for sale

    Now that both my sons have moved away, I'm no longer cruising as I once was; so I've decided to put my P30 on the market. Go to Facebook page Anna Pearson30 for details --
  11. I need a boat in costa rica pacific

    Central America
    Me, my husband, and another couple are planning a trip to Costa Rica early next year. Our plan originally was to sail out of San Diego hitting a few key ports in Mexico then Costa Rica, panama and finally meeting up with friends in Columbia. We have a 40' on the east coast in New York and our...
  12. 1973 AMF Alcort Sunfish

    Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    For sale is a 1973 AMF Alcort Sunfish fiberglass sailboat. All serious offers will be considered. The boat's location is Howard Beach in Brooklyn, New York. It sails really well. All of the rigging (sail, rudder, etc.) is included, except for the gooseneck, which has gone missing. Everything...