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  1. Diesel
    Well i finally got time to really dig into the perkins M20 thats on my boat. The engine wont turn over via the nut on the crankshaft even with the injectors removed. I had flooded the injector holes with PB Blaster for 2-3 weeks and was still unable to get it to turn over. I decided that...
  2. Gear & Maintenance
    Can I just hacksaw through a galvanized mooring shackle. Mine is frozen and I can't get my pennant off. This is the upper shackle on top of the ball, above the top swivel.
  3. Endeavour
    It's apparent that the fuel tank in our 1982 E32 has a leak. Not going to entertain the how and why- other than it's old, has been on the hard the last couple of years- and at least one of those two years bilge water was left and froze solid. In any event- it's time to take action. I have read...
1-3 of 3 Results