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fuel filter

  1. Engine hesitation

    Our Universal 35B, running at approximately 2400 rpm, started to sputter (hesitate, lose power, rpm drop) yesterday. It sounded as though the engine was about to die, but it revived when the throttle was feathered and ran flawlessly for the next 3 hours. The engine has been rock solid for the...
  2. Here's a quick and simple procedure to clean fuel filter bowls without removing them.

    Disclaimer: This may not work for everyone depending on your filter design. I'd attempted to remove the bowl from an old fuel filter/water separator in order to clean the film inside. Unfortunately, two of the four screws that held it to the housing were frozen. So instead, I paid a visit to...
  3. Replacing both Fuel filters - Yanmar 1GM10

    Gear & Maintenance
    I've recently purchased an old Westerly Nomad, and although engine has been working fine, I only ran it for about 10 hrs end of last year and I want to change both Primary and secondary fuel filters so that I know they have both been done. Which one should I change first ? I have never done...
  4. Fuel flow question Universal diesel

    I got my 1981 Tartan 33 a few months ago, just motored (a little sailing) 110 miles down the ICW with no issues. After sitting for a month (has sat for a month at a time before, no problem) and adding about 10 gals of highway diesel to the tanks, the engine now won't run. It initially started...
  5. air in the line when emptying separator bowl

    Gear & Maintenance
    Ok, there is something wrong with the way I empty the bowl of my racor filter/separator or there is something wrong with my setup. I end up having to bleed my engine about 15min after I emptied the bowl using the nipple at the bottom, it's really annoying. Other than that, the engine (Yanmar...
  6. Dual fuel filters

    One recommendation that I've had is to add a second fuel filter in parallel with the first (I currently have a single Racor). Then if one plugs up you can switch to the backup by turning a valve. A second idea was to have two valves: one upstream and one below the two filters. This I think...