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  1. Mercedes OM 636 won't start

    Hi folks, first post. Bit of desperation and frustration, hope the brains trust can help. We have a marinised OM 636 in our boat, head gasket went recently between 3rd and 4th cylinder. Now replaced. Blocked 4th injector also replaced ( was blowing fuel when opened after attempts to start, all...
  2. Fuel Pump for Westerbeke W30/Four-91

    I need to replace a fuel pump for my Westerbeke 30 (Four-91). It's weeping diesel and it isn't lifting any diesel. It looks like the original fuel pump is no longer available through Westerbeke, so I'm waiting out the holiday weekend before I can contact a few straggler parts places that might...
  3. Fuel Pump Noise

    So I'm new to having a diesel and I wondered the other day why my fuel pump continues to "purr" along with the ignition on, but the engine not yet started. It's a 1987 Catalina 30 and everything is in good order. The valve on the fuel return to the tank is closed so I figured that the pump...
  4. Marina Fuel Nozzle Too Big

    Gear & Maintenance
    I fueled up at a particular area marina for the first time, and I was surprised to find that their fuel nozzle was way too big for my fuel-fill-port-hole (whatever that is called). To avoid any spillage, I had to gingerly fill up keeping the nozzle essentially flush to the opening. Have you...
  5. Catalina 30 Universal 5411 fuel pump replacement

    My 1981 Catalina 30 Universal 5411 died on the way into the slip but will usually restart after bleeding at fuel injector pump but eventually just dies again. I replaced several of the fuel lines and fuel filters. The fuel pump looks newer. I have had the boat for about 1 1/2 years. I took the...