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  1. Advice on parking a Bristol 40

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hello All-- I've been sailing a couple of years, mostly in a local sailing club's benehunter 30 - somethings. I can handle them okay in the marina and slips-- I know how prop walk/ wash works, effects of wind, backing and filling, etc. I just bought a Bristol 40, and it handles quite...
  2. Full Keel

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    At the end of the Summer my wife and I will be moving into the Pac NW (Puget Sound area) and we will begin actively looking for our retirement boat. Previously we've owned a Pearson 365 Ketch and an Omega 36 Sloop. Question for the masses: Just how bad are full keel boats at making way under...
  3. Folk Dancer 27, looking after lunch, experience anyone?

    Boat Reviews
    Going to look at a Folk Dancer 27 after lunch. Fiberglass boat, 1968, based on the folkboat but with 7 1/2 ft. beam. Never even heard of one myself, photo shows her lines that remind me of a Contessa 26 (saw one 2 days ago, also on the hard). It just popped up for sale nearby so I have to look...