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  1. Dinghies, Beach Cats, Etc
    I am a senior in high school and my brother is a freshman. We have been sailing with out local yacht club in the summer on C420’s. As we are getting older and want to have our own adventures and sail with friends we are looking to buy our own boat, together. I have two options right now. I have...
  2. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    What's your favorite boat (or type of boat) that you like, that you don't often tell people you like? For me, its any Gaff schooner. I would rather have one of those than almost any other boat, even though it has MANY drawbacks. my reasoning is I learned to sail on a 118' Gaff, and worked my...
  3. Boat Review Forum
    Have a chance to purchase either a Buccaneer 18 or Mutineer 15. Both Chrysler boats. Can't decide pros and cons of each. They even share regattas! Which would you choose and why?
  4. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I just got in my first sail of the year. Most of you won't recognize me, and I wouldn't expect you to - I live in Missouri. My stomping grounds are basically a conservation lake nearby, and my boat, a little Dolphin Sr! Today, however... Today was beautiful. Nice wind, bright sunshine, nice...
1-4 of 6 Results