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  1. Electronics
    My chartplotter (if I may call it that) is a Garmin GPSMAP 162. In case this model is not familiar to you, it is actually a (wait-for-it) 2000 model. Meaning it was sold in the very first year of this millenium. It is black and white, has a tiny screen -- but I installed it many moons ago on a...
  2. Gear & Maintenance
    Hi I have a Gramin 4010 I want to connect to my Autohelm st6000, can someone help me with that? A diagram or tell me how a connect them together, will be fine. Thanks Johnni
  3. Learning to Sail
    Garmin Montana 600 has USB interfacing for PC based navigation software. I can't figure out the settings for Polar View NV (trial ver) to talk to the GPS unit. Is there anyone else using a Garmin and Polar View? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks David
  4. Seamanship & Navigation
    Navionics is releasing their "Sonar Charts for Garmin" at the start of the year. These will show 1ft. contours in coastal regions out to 80 ft (in addition to over 18,000 lakes). 80 - 250 ft depth will be 3 ft. contours and deeper than 250 ft. will be 6 ft. contours. This will improve the...
  5. Electronics
    Greetings, I purchased an Airmar DST800v direct from Airmar because I wanted the bronze through hull and not the plastic one that comes with the Garmin version of the device. However, instead of a connector, the end of the very long wire harness has a bunch of wires and no connector. This may...
  6. Electronics
    I have a Garmin GPSMAP 2006c chart plotter with the MUS018R Lake Erie - Lake St. Clair chart plugin. The unit has worked flawlessly from when I purchased it in 2002 until today. We were out sailing and when I glanced down I saw that I was only getting the 'base map' display as if the unit was...
  7. Electronics
    Greetings I have a Garmin GPS 152 that appears to be fully functional in every respect except that it will not calculate tide data for any station after 01/01/2012. I have downloaded and installed the latest software and the Americas POI DB from Garmin. Is this planned obsolescence by Garmin...
  8. Electronics
    Greetings, I have both a GARMIN 188C and 298 GPS Charplotter and UNIDEN 625c down in my chart room. Both GARMIN units are the EXACT same wiring harness and diagram in their respective manuals and confirmed by GARMIN Support. I've unsuccessfully been trying to connect either to my Uniden 625C...
  9. Electronics
    Just about to purchase a new raymarine x5 wheel pilot w/p70 head and a garmin 740s plotter. Has anyone tried to connect these 2 units to each other yet? How did it go? How did they work together? Thanks!
  10. Electronics
    Im considering updating the charts in the named plotter. Has anyone done this? Am trying to determine what date of charts I currently have (unit says G21 V2.51) and what date I would be updating too. Garmin is pretty cryptic about the whole thing. Im not really crazy about the user interface to...
  11. Electronics
    I have an older GPS, a Garmin 152. It's been very reliable, but ever since we rolled into the new year, it refuses to calculate tide information. I can change the date to pre-2012 and get data, but nothing more recent. I'm guessing that the software was not programmed this far into the future...
1-11 of 11 Results