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  1. Best glue for veneer on hatch boards?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, The hatch boards on one of my boats are marine plywood, and the original teak veneer is in bad condition. I've got some nice teak veneer hanging around Left over from a previous interior project. I'm wondering what would be the best glue to attach it to the exterior surface of the...
  2. Hi everybody, Choosing the right tile adhesive and additive

    Introduce Yourself
    Choosing the right tile adhesive and additive When taking on any tiling project, be it walls or floors, choosing the right tile adhesive is important. There are additives that can be incorporated into tile adhesive to allow for flexible installation, and to ensure that a tiled wall is water...
  3. rub rail replacement

    SailNet FAQ
    I need to glue my rub rails back on they remove real easy to easy. So I took them off and clean them and the deck hull seem and now have to glue them back on What glue will do the trick so the don't come off under load. My boat is a Newport 30, 1976 vintage. Epoxy doesn't seem like the right...