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  1. Electronics
    Hi everyone, I have a GPS antenna TOPGNSS like the one that is in this link (24.3US $ 10% OFF|TOPGNSS RS232 GPS marine GPS receiver antenna module NMEA 0183 baud rate 4800 voltage 12V cable is 5 meters.|GPS Receiver & Antenna| - AliExpress) and I'm trying to use the antenna for my Simrad...
  2. Boat Review Forum
    Anyone sailing a C&C 24 in the ocean? If so, just looking for resources to set one up for coastal sailing. Any ideas/recommendations for . . . GPS autohelm water tanks head
  3. Electronics
    I have a simrad cruise on my boat, but i like the idea of more detail and less eyestrain using a 10 inch table, right now I am looking at the Google Nexus 9, running the free Navonics app, any pros and cons? Also of interest, I am on the chesapeake bay
  4. Electronics
    Hi Guys! I'm preparing a crowdfunding campaign to launch a rugged tablet dedicated to sailors. So, I’d like to have your advice. When I bought my first sailboat, I tried to find, so as you, a good quality waterproof tablet, with a (really) sunlight readable screen, a long life battery (more...
  5. Seamanship & Navigation
    Dear all, I have been sailing on a cruiser which has a basic GPS: one can enter the WGS 84 coordinates of a waypoint, and the GPS displays in real time the distance and bearing of the waypoint, something like the one in the image attached. As a theoretical physicist, there is a question that I...
  6. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    This survey is a part of a student project identifying the technology used by sailors for anchoring help during their offshore time. We would greatly appreciate if you could take 2-3 minutes of your precious time and participate in this survey. Link to short survey:
  7. Electronics
    I'm going to be sailing on Lake Michigan solo this summer and considering getting a PLB like the AquaLink™ View PLB Model Number: PLB-350C / Part Number 2884 (is the extra money for the screen worth it? what does it allow you to do the other w/out screen doesnt?) or would I be "ok" with just a...
  8. Electronics
    I'm going to be sailing a Merit 25 solo on Lake Michigan this summer. I am looking for a handheld GPS/Chartplotter under $400. Would be nice if it was waterproof (not sure if that is the norm now). Im also thinking about getting a AquaLink™ View PLB Model Number: PLB-350C / Part Number 2884...
  9. Learning to Sail
    Garmin Montana 600 has USB interfacing for PC based navigation software. I can't figure out the settings for Polar View NV (trial ver) to talk to the GPS unit. Is there anyone else using a Garmin and Polar View? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks David
  10. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    This may be the latest "Must have" electronic gizmo that you absolutely cannot leave the marina without. edit: See the link that jimgo posted below
  11. Seamanship & Navigation
    I know the information is on our site, but I just can't seem to put it all together. We are going from Chesapeake Bay to Bermuda and would like to use an iPad as a backup chart plotter. Here is my thinking: I will download the appropriate/available NOAA raster charts. With "wifi only" ipad 3...
  12. Electronics
    The older I get the more I like big screens so I can see things better. (Galaxy Note 3, was last "big screen" purchase). My question is as far as I can see on line, in order to get a large NAV/RADAR screen it must be a dedicated unit, I'm not finding the ability to plug into a larger generic...
  13. Electronics
    I just bought a Raymarine RC530 and I am in need of an antenna/receiver for the GPS functions on the chartplotter. I was originally going to go with an aftermarket one (I posted earlier about this) but now have decided to try getting a used Raymarine/Raytheon model on ebay. My manual for the...
  14. Electronics
    Hello, I recently bought a Raymarine RC530 Chartplotter. It didn't come with a GPS antenna so I am now looking to track one down. Has anyone had any luck with an aftermarket or different manufacturers antenna/receiver? The Raymarine antennas seem to go for about $300+ which is a little steep for...
  15. Electronics
    Has anyone experience fitting a GPS tracker to their boat. Can you fit one to the Vodia diagnostic connector on a Volvo Penta engine or is there a better place to fit one so that it can be powered?:confused:
  16. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Greetings.. What’s a good all-purpose GPS for cruising? I just retired and have time to do some cruising after many years of racing, I plan to take my 24 foot S2-7.3 from Tampa Bay south to Charlotte Harbor and make my way to the Keys. I have been considering a Garmin 536s, are there other...
  17. Gear & Maintenance
    So our 35' has a vhf radio mounted in the cockpit and one inside the cabin. The one in the cockpit is in the way, and people run into it all the time. I might relocate it to a better position, but I'm also considering just removing it entirely ... just relying on the cabin radio and my handheld...
  18. Electronics
    I have an older GPS, a Garmin 152. It's been very reliable, but ever since we rolled into the new year, it refuses to calculate tide information. I can change the date to pre-2012 and get data, but nothing more recent. I'm guessing that the software was not programmed this far into the future...
1-18 of 19 Results