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  1. A rugged tablet dedicated to sailors: advices needed

    Hi Guys! I'm preparing a crowdfunding campaign to launch a rugged tablet dedicated to sailors. So, I’d like to have your advice. When I bought my first sailboat, I tried to find, so as you, a good quality waterproof tablet, with a (really) sunlight readable screen, a long life battery (more...
  2. Path used to compute bearing and distance by GPS?

    Seamanship & Navigation
    Dear all, I have been sailing on a cruiser which has a basic GPS: one can enter the WGS 84 coordinates of a waypoint, and the GPS displays in real time the distance and bearing of the waypoint, something like the one in the image attached. As a theoretical physicist, there is a question that I...
  3. Help: Anchor Sailing technology use [a student survey for masters]

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    This survey is a part of a student project identifying the technology used by sailors for anchoring help during their offshore time. We would greatly appreciate if you could take 2-3 minutes of your precious time and participate in this survey. Link to short survey:
  4. PLB or HX870 VHF with GPS and DSC Lake Michigan

    I'm going to be sailing on Lake Michigan solo this summer and considering getting a PLB like the AquaLink™ View PLB Model Number: PLB-350C / Part Number 2884 (is the extra money for the screen worth it? what does it allow you to do the other w/out screen doesnt?) or would I be "ok" with just a...
  5. Best handheld GPS/Chartplotter under $400?

    I'm going to be sailing a Merit 25 solo on Lake Michigan this summer. I am looking for a handheld GPS/Chartplotter under $400. Would be nice if it was waterproof (not sure if that is the norm now). Im also thinking about getting a AquaLink™ View PLB Model Number: PLB-350C / Part Number 2884...
  6. Garmin and Polar View ???

    Learning to Sail
    Garmin Montana 600 has USB interfacing for PC based navigation software. I can't figure out the settings for Polar View NV (trial ver) to talk to the GPS unit. Is there anyone else using a Garmin and Polar View? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks David
  7. MoD’s ‘quantum compass’ to replace GPS

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    This may be the latest "Must have" electronic gizmo that you absolutely cannot leave the marina without. edit: See the link that jimgo posted below
  8. Convert "wifi only" iPad to backup chartplotter?

    Seamanship & Navigation
    I know the information is on our site, but I just can't seem to put it all together. We are going from Chesapeake Bay to Bermuda and would like to use an iPad as a backup chart plotter. Here is my thinking: I will download the appropriate/available NOAA raster charts. With "wifi only" ipad 3...
  9. NAV/RADAR Monitor Size

    The older I get the more I like big screens so I can see things better. (Galaxy Note 3, was last "big screen" purchase). My question is as far as I can see on line, in order to get a large NAV/RADAR screen it must be a dedicated unit, I'm not finding the ability to plug into a larger generic...
  10. Raymarine antenna compatibility/ cross referencing models???

    I just bought a Raymarine RC530 and I am in need of an antenna/receiver for the GPS functions on the chartplotter. I was originally going to go with an aftermarket one (I posted earlier about this) but now have decided to try getting a used Raymarine/Raytheon model on ebay. My manual for the...
  11. Aftermarket Antenna for Raymarine Chartplotter??

    Hello, I recently bought a Raymarine RC530 Chartplotter. It didn't come with a GPS antenna so I am now looking to track one down. Has anyone had any luck with an aftermarket or different manufacturers antenna/receiver? The Raymarine antennas seem to go for about $300+ which is a little steep for...
  12. Fitting GPS Tracker

    Has anyone experience fitting a GPS tracker to their boat. Can you fit one to the Vodia diagnostic connector on a Volvo Penta engine or is there a better place to fit one so that it can be powered?:confused:
  13. Looking for a good all-purpose GPS

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Greetings.. What’s a good all-purpose GPS for cruising? I just retired and have time to do some cruising after many years of racing, I plan to take my 24 foot S2-7.3 from Tampa Bay south to Charlotte Harbor and make my way to the Keys. I have been considering a Garmin 536s, are there other...
  14. VHF Radio in the cockpit

    Gear & Maintenance
    So our 35' has a vhf radio mounted in the cockpit and one inside the cabin. The one in the cockpit is in the way, and people run into it all the time. I might relocate it to a better position, but I'm also considering just removing it entirely ... just relying on the cabin radio and my handheld...
  15. Garmin GPS152 - no tide data for 2012

    I have an older GPS, a Garmin 152. It's been very reliable, but ever since we rolled into the new year, it refuses to calculate tide information. I can change the date to pre-2012 and get data, but nothing more recent. I'm guessing that the software was not programmed this far into the future...