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great barrier reef

  1. Babes on Board #2, Learning By Doing, EP39

    Cruising Videos Week two with Ylva and Tina aboard. The weather sort of cooperates so after enjoying the worlds whitest beach for a few hours we sail out to the Barrier Reef for a few days. It a pretty rough trip but calm when we arrive.
  2. BabesOnBoard#1_LearningByDoing_EP38

    Cruising Videos I get some nice company in the form of Ylva and Tina. We have a week of mixed weather but make the most of it each day. With company on board I'm able to spend a bit more time creating nicer video shots and we have a change of style with some added narration. Let us...
  3. First Solo Sail mission.

    Cruising Videos After reaching the Whitsunday Islands with my brother Toby I felt I was finally ready to try a solo sailing mission. I set off from Airlie beach with a rough idea of where I wanted to go on my 2 weeks out. This video is part 1 and just shows the first few days...