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  1. Boat Hatch Replacement (Hardin 45, Voyager 44)

    Plumbing, Heads, Water, Bilges etc
    Hi, all i had a leaky hatch in the head compartment and i'm trying to find a replacement for it. - Hatch-hull opening: 14 3/4" x 4 3/4" - Hatch: 14 1/2" x 4 1/2" See attached images... I've tried looking online but in vain. Any ideas ? Thanks,
  2. Catalina 22 Pop-top replacement

    SailNet Website Technical Support
    Hello, I have 73 Catalina 22 Pop-top. The condition of the sliding hatch w/ pop-top is not so great, and I was thinking of swapping it out if I could find one that I know to be in better condition. I understand the boat style did not change until 1986, so my question is - will a hatch from a...
  3. Hatch repair or replace entire unit? Acrylic & hinges

    Gear & Maintenance
    If you take a look at the pictures attached, you should be able to see what I am trying to accomplish. What do you guys think, do I have to replace these or are they reparable? I have seen acrylic replaced but if you look closer the damage I’m working with is a bit more extensive. Nearly all of...
  4. Free hatch screen to good home

    I'm giving away a hatch screen if you can pay for shipping. This screen replaces the middle companionway hatch board of a 1982 Catalina 27. This screen has a tear on one side, but it is built to be easily replaced. I'll ship it any way you prefer and charge only actual costs. It is in Fort...
  5. Opening Up The Lazarette: Pictures of your new access?

    My '65 Cal 30 has an afterdeck area with no topside access that is only accessible now with a very small vertical panel in the aft bulkhead of the cockpit. While I can get to something right in the center behind this removable panel, it is so small that I can't really crawl in to reach other...
  6. Wanted: Atkins & Hoyle Hatch

    Gear & Maintenance
    I'm looking for an XR-200 hatch - approx 20 x 20 inches. Somehow the frame on mine cracked. If you have one lying around please PM or email me.
  7. hatch repair

    Gear & Maintenance
    The companionway hatch cover on my Victoria 18 is cracked and needs repair. I believe the construction of the hatch, like the deck, is balsa-cored fiberglass. I'm looking for advice on material and technique for a strong repair. What weight of glass cloth? Do I replace the core? Etc.
  8. G26 Anchor compartment hatch mod

    Hello all, I have a g26 that I am starting a refurib on, and I was wondering if anyone had ever retrofitted a deck hatch at the bow to access the small storage compartment to the head of the v-berth. I realize that the compartment access from the v-berth would have to be sealed up (I am...
  9. Nincompoop ...

    Gear & Maintenance
    ... is a word that my 8 year old unfortunately learned last weekend when he went with me to the marina to have a proper look at "Rockhopper's" forehatch. ;) Here is the background: The Mac26S came originally with a simple (I guess) fiberglass foredeck hatch. A previous owner upgraded this by...
  10. Replacing a Atkins & Hoyle hatch lens

    Gear & Maintenance
    At the beginning of the year I bought a 1981 C&C32. I really enjoy this sailboat but there are several repair that must be made this winter. My priority is to fix all water leaks and for starter I rebed the bow hatch and remooved the old 1/2 inch lexan lens from the Atkins & Hoyle cast...
  11. Sailboat hatches

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I am now in the market for new ventilation hatches for my Hunter - its a 37 cutter. At a boatshow somewhere I saw a hatch that was reversible - it could open up either facing forward or aft. I am looking for this and cant find it anywhere despite half googling myself to death. Does anyone know...
  12. How to set mast wedges on a C&C 30 MK I? (+ some questions)

    C & C
    Ahoy sailors, I am new here in this forum and here I am right away with some more or less important calls for help from you for the 1980 C&C 30 Mk I "Mistral IV". Most important things first: Could someone of you help me explaining how I set mast wedges on a 30' Mk I? I forgot what goes where...
  13. Acrylic Lens Source and advice

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello Mates, I am planning to replace the lens on the aft deck hatch. The boat is a Herreshoff Cat Ketch design, the new lens would need to measure 25 x 25 inches and 1/2 inch thick, which sits on top of a teak frame. Because the measurements is more than 24 inches, finding a source to provide...
  14. Islander Bahama 30 (IB30) Main Hatch

    SailNet FAQ
    Hi, I have a newly acquired IB30 (1981) and am having an issue with the main hatch - would someone with one of these boats please post a picture of the main hatch in the closed position so I can see how far aft the hatch should be when fully closed. Does the top hatch rest on top of the...
  15. leaky hatch, project?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello, The forward hatch on my Columbia 29 is leaking slightly from the box. The box is wooden and is somehow encased in the deck with caulking all around it (see attached pictures). Apart from the leaks it feels fine and solidly attached. I don't know how to un-mount it and I'm not sure I...
  16. Bomar hatch hinge Sabre 30 1986 MK III

    Hinge on Bomar N2029 hatch for 13 1/4 by 18 1/2 deck cutout aft of mast on my 1986 MkIII Sabre 30 broke. I am looking for either exact hatch or the hinge for replacement. Bomar no longer has the hinge. Hinge is 3 inch overall with 3 scre holes attaching hatch to deck rim and two holes attached...