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  1. Learning to Sail
    I purchased and sail a Prindle 16 catamaran. The Prindle comes with a boom. Although, this boom mounted off the mast is dangerous when it swings around during a tack. Since the sail has battens in it to keep the sail stiff, can I sail without the boom? In this case I would attached the block and...
  2. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    So, I'm thinking about purchasing a 1971 Hobie 16 in great condition. My only apprehension is that it's 1971. Does anybody know if there there any problems with this earlier model? And was there a big difference in performance between that age and a 1980s model? Thanks in advance. -Jess
  3. Learning to Sail
    Hi, I am new to sailing and would like to try renting a hobie cat in southern ontario, canada. It would be nice to rent one before going out and buying one for the first time. Does anyone know a location in ontario that rents hobie cats? Thanks!
  4. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hello World, I am a Hobie sailor near Clearwater. I want to migrate from Hobie 16 to 18 to small tri to daysailer and then bluewater. I have been sailing since childhood on sunfish and hobie. No racing experience, just fun and camping. I have an interesting project started for a Hobie...
  5. Learning to Sail
    I'm completely new to the sailing game, and I'm looking for a fun "play around the lake" boat. It's a pretty decent size lake, so something like a sunfish would be a little small...might get ran over by Bajas shooting down the lake at 75mph. I want something that I can learn on, and will be fun...
1-5 of 5 Results