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  1. 7/8" seacock

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, I have a 7/8" OD seacock. The head intake has a 3/4" ID sanitation hose forced onto this 7/8" seacock. I would like to replace the hose to a more suitable inlet water & heater hose. I can't find any reducer of 7/8" to 3/4". Should I buy a 3/4" ID hose and force it onto the 7/8" seacock...
  2. Exhaust Hose Access?

    I have a 1982 C27 with an Atomic 4 engine. The exhaust hose that attaches to the transom exhaust port is probably original to the boat, and my mechanic says it is leaking and needs to be replaced. However, there is no way to access the hose without cutting through the aft lazarette or transom...
  3. Stuffing/Packing Box Hose

    I am going through the centerboard system on my 1968 Morgan 34. My immediate query involves the sizing and installation of the stuffing or packing box hose, which I am replacing. The tube (think stern tube) exiting the centerboard well is 1-5/8" OD. The hose end of the packing box has a...
  4. Getting sanitation hose over fittings

    Gear & Maintenance
    Good day all: I am installing a new holding tank and replacing the sanitation hoses. I am using Triton sanitation hose (supposedly one of the most flexible), and I find it next to impossible to get it to go over the barbed fittings. Both the 3/4" intake and 1-1/2" outflow are equally as...