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house bank

  1. battery charging setup

    Electrical Systems
    We have just purchased a 2000 Catalina. The engine charges the house batteries (which are also used to start the engine). The starting battery is only charged when attached to shore power and would only be used in an emergency (house batteries die). My first inclination was to rewire the...
  2. battery bank dual charger or triple charger?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Currently in my boat we have 2 x deep cycle 12v 150amh for house and 1 x starter battery for engine to start and a dual battery built in charger. if i run the 2 x deep cycles in parallel can they be charged as 1 battery since it would stay 12v and change to 300 amh? or will i need a 3 battery...
  3. Best way to connect all charging sources to the house bank without making spaghetti?

    Electrical Systems
    Hello! Thanks again for the continued help! This is part of the ongoing electrical refit on my Oday 37, for what that's worth to you expert types. Following current wisdom, I'm moving all charging sources to the house bank, and then installing an Echo Charger to handle the start bank. In the...