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  1. Diesel
    [UPDATE] I did it myself in the spring, and I finally uploaded a video about it! The Saltire has a faulty transmission, and so I find myself asking for advice :) Engine: M3-20B Westerbeke Universal Diesel (replaced an Atomic 4 in 2006 or so) Transmission: ZF 5 M Boat: Newport 30 mk 2...
  2. Diesel
    My boat is a 1982 Catalina 27. It has a universal 5411, 11 hp engine. Since I have had the boat I have never been able to reach hull speed under power. I recently pulled the boat out of the water for a bottom job and inspected the propeller. It is stamped with 12LH7, a 12x7 left hand prop...
  3. Gear & Maintenance
    Hello, I recently had the output coupling from my Yanmar 2QM15 transmission fall out while underway (we didn't hit anything), disconnecting the prop shaft as a result. I'm in the process of undergoing repair, but I'm concerned that I may only be addressing the symptoms without isolating the...
1-3 of 3 Results