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  1. Where and how much can you sail the ICW ?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    We are planning to go up the ICW from Miami to Chesapeake Bay. We would like to know, how much of the total distance can you sail, and how much you will need to motor. Would it make sense to lay down the mast, to have less waiting times at the div, bridges ? Hope to get some inputs from the...
  2. Future Sailor?

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello, I joined this site as I wish to learn to sail and then potter around this small planet utilizing the abundant water supply. I live in Northerly Palm Beach county near to the Loxahatchee river and to begin with am thinking of taking a one week live-aboard sailing course in order to get...
  3. Albin Vega or Pearson Triton 28?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I want to take a trip in a couple years down the ICW and the Caribbean to Trinidad and Tobago. I will have two sailors accompany me on this journey. I know a lot about the Albin Vega, but have heard many people sing the praises of Pearson Triton 28. I can obtain both for about the same $$ so...
  4. Survey on cruising south for newbies

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi everyone - hope you can help me out here - I'm conducting a survey for those planning on going south on the ICW, from as far north as the Great Lakes. You can find the survey at Escapees Webinar Survey (Google Hangout)Escapees Webinar Survey (Google Hangout) and if you want further...
  5. Buying a Boat on eBay

    I had sold my boat in Canada, a 27 foot Catalina, during the summer of last year, and by the spring of this year I really missed owning a boat. I turned to eBay. There was a 27 foot Watkins sailboat for auction in Virginia with no minimum price set. The auction progressed, and with only a...