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  1. Gear & Maintenance
    Not sure if anyone can help but thought I'd give it a try! We bought an old life boat for sailing around the canals and are currently mid refurb. The inside has boxed wooden seating along the side and at the bow and stern, and it used to have a plastic trim which we are currently replacing with...
  2. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Hello, I'm looking for a replacement door for a vanity cabinet on my Beneteau 400. The size is 11 5/16 x 11 7/8 in. Thanks! Tamas
  3. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Hi there, Just got my first boat, the interior is slightly gutted and will soon be working on that. Been talking to some folks in my community about what my best options for doing the interior are, and it seems there are two main opinions. One being to mill some yellow cedar and use that. The...
  4. Cal
    I'm looking for help in replacing the interior headliner & wall covering. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, from Nordic Blue
1-4 of 4 Results