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  1. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Having bought a used boat a few years ago that has had some electrical upgrades, I would like to find a marine electrician who can first, map out all the electrical lines and second, make recommendations adding solar panels. I am located in Rhode Islands so I would be looking for someone around...
  2. Electrical Systems & Solar
    Doing some 12V re-wiring planning with my limited brain skills. I use a little Shop Vac Hang-On frequently when doing projects aboard, but have only ever used it on shorepower. Haven't tried it with my 1000W inverter yet, but would like to have that option. Shop Vac Shop Vac says it's 1HP...
  3. Electrical Systems & Solar
    Not an electrician and learning so go easy on me. I have numerous 110 outlets on the boat that work under shore power or when the inverter is engaged. All of that works swimmingly. I had a standard outlet in my cockpit (mind you she's a big 50' boat with a center cokpit and high freeboard)...
  4. Electrical Systems & Solar
    Inverter crapped out, thinking of buying this one from westmarine (link below). Does anyone have any experience with this inverter? Got any feedback before I shell out over $100? WEST MARINE Slim 1000W Inverter at West Marine
1-4 of 4 Results