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  1. A rugged tablet dedicated to sailors: advices needed

    Hi Guys! I'm preparing a crowdfunding campaign to launch a rugged tablet dedicated to sailors. So, I’d like to have your advice. When I bought my first sailboat, I tried to find, so as you, a good quality waterproof tablet, with a (really) sunlight readable screen, a long life battery (more...
  2. Convert "wifi only" iPad to backup chartplotter?

    Seamanship & Navigation
    I know the information is on our site, but I just can't seem to put it all together. We are going from Chesapeake Bay to Bermuda and would like to use an iPad as a backup chart plotter. Here is my thinking: I will download the appropriate/available NOAA raster charts. With "wifi only" ipad 3...
  3. Chart plotter or IPad

    Gear & Maintenance
    I've been using my old 3GS iPhone with navionics for navigation also my old Garmin gps map76 as a back up. I'm now considering a larger screen option because I now need glasses to view both. People I talk to have mixed opinions some say Ipad because you can do more than just chart plotting which...
  4. WireSizer App for iPhone/iPad

    Apps & Authors
    Hi all, I own a sailboat and am an independent software developer, and want to share one of the apps I’ve written. WireSizer is an ABYC E-11 conforming voltage drop and wire gauge calculator for DC systems. Its been out for a few years with regular updates and mostly positive reviews. I know...
  5. iDataNet, sailing data on your iPhone

    Apps & Authors
    Hi, announces the release of iDataNet v2. This is an iPhone/iPad app which lets you view data live. It does not use NMEA, but rather an open simple UDP protocol over WiFi so that any geek may program his electronic device or custom software to send data to iDataNet. In...