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  1. Irwin 25

    I am finally getting back into sailing after fifty years! My wife and I are looking at an Irwin 25 that is at least 3rd owner and the present owner bought it as an abandoned boat from the marina (on a lake) where it is currently. We can pick this boat up cheaply, very cheaply and aside from...
  2. Help in Marathon Key, Fl

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hey guys I'm just about to purchase a 33' Irwin MKii for $5500 in boot key harbor on Marathon Key in Florida. This will be my first sailboat purchase and I don't want to mess it up. Anyone in these parts be so kind as to look at the boat with me? I've already looked at it and it seems like a...
  3. 1986 Irwin 35.5 citation

    Hey gang, I've been having trouble finding threads pertaining to the 35.5 aft cockpit. I am close to closing a deal with one of these beauts, but i would love some more incite. I am having a surveyor look at the boat. some of my concerns: 1) most of the stations are loose... 2) there are...
  4. Missing boater Irwin Citation Chesapeake Bay

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi Everyone, My name is Natalie Dawson and I'm the daughter of an Australian man named Arno Dawson who went missing 3 years ago off his yacht (irwin Citation 40) in Chespeake Bay. Recently I read a few posts from this website, posted back in Feb 2011, which were quite interesting. There have...
  5. Irwin 10/4 centerboard info

    Gear & Maintenance
    I purchased my first boat this summer, an Irwin 10/4. The boat is missing a centerboard. It has a shoal keel with 2000 lbs of ballast so it sails ok, but doesnt go to winward that well and the wheel has to be attended to at all times as she tends to wander. I have the boat out of the water...
  6. 1974 Irwin 45 Center Cockpit Swing Keel Question

    A quick question for anyone who might be able to help. Continuing with my keel problem, I've posted the dimension sand pictures of the keel in a "Irwin 45 Center Cockpit Swing Keel" album. The metal alone weighs 248 Lbs and you can add another 40 - 50 lbs for the fiberglass cover we took off...