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  1. Boat Review Forum
    I'm considering an older Jeanneau Voyage 11.20 but I know nothing about them. Any information and experiences greatly appreciated. How do they sail? Any issues?
  2. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I am just back from a fabulous yacht delivery to Turkey! The owners were on board and I was teaching them to Coastal Skipper level (RYA). Lovely people, great food and some excellent sailing! I hope you enjoy the video: Pete
  3. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    My ZSpars mast block for my main furl is failing and needs replacement. I'm looking at several options for a 60mm replacement (I may just replace all 6 at the mast block if it doesn't break the bank). To date the candidates are: Harken Garhauer Ronstan Selden Of course, the price ranges run...
  4. Jeanneau
    I have a 2002 Jeanneau SO 37 and we're looking for a flag pole for the stern. The Taylor 3/4 is too small and the 1" looks as if it may be too large. Does anyone have any recommendations? I need something long enough for a 24"X36" ensign. Thanks!
  5. Boat Review Forum
    Hi, We are planning to purchase a new, 37-40' boat that is very easy to sail (single-handed at times), since we have two very young kids. We saw two new boats, Jeanneau SO 379 and Bavaria Cruiser 37, at New England Boat Show that are very close to what we need. Can you help us with selecting...
  6. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    We delivered a Jeanneau 43DS from the UK to Greece. The owner (a very talented editor) took the footage taken along the way and made this short film. They stopped in La Coruna, Sotogrande, Cartegena and Palermo. Hundreds of Dolphins joined them on the way and this video captures some of them...
  7. Boat Review Forum
    I know the TaShing Panda 40 and the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40 are very different, but I am having a very hard time deciding between them for our first sailboat. The TaShing is an '82; the Jeanneau 20 years younger, a 2002. TaShing is $30,000 more -- not trivial! Both are in good shape, updated on...
  8. Jeanneau
    I am considering to repaint the blue hull of our Jeanneau 54DS. Does anyone have an idea whether such paintjob requires specific equipment, and what kind of cost range we would be looking at? The boat is currently located on the Canary islands. Thanks in advance!
  9. Boat Review Forum
    So I think I found her but I can't find enough literature on her to really know if she's worth while. She's a 1990 38' Jeanneau 1100 Espace...
  10. Jeanneau
    Hi, Anyone know how to remove the keel from a Jeanneau SUN 2000 (circa 2003) so I can inspect the keel box and the pivot mechanism. Thanks
  11. Cruising Videos
    I have a web site that shows Video Tours and other marine content. Sailboatvideo. See Jeanneau, Fountaine Pajot, Southerly, Bavaria, Hunter, Leopard, Isara and more... Have a look at Sailboat Video Home There are links to my YouTube Channel so you can see my work... My YouTube Channel shows...
  12. Boat Review Forum
    Together with two of my friends we are planing to buy a boat about 43-51 feet long, with the main purpose to sail in Mediterranean but also capable for make ocean passage occasionally (ARC). We are not going to live on a boat just speed there few weeks a year mainly in Med. Since only I'm a...
1-12 of 13 Results