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  1. Catalina 27 with snapped kill bolt

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Catalina 27 with snapped keel bolt Looking at a Catalina 27 for sale. Great looking boat. the owner mentioned that when he first got the boat he droped the keel to make sure it was all dry between the led and the fiberglass. Filled it with sikaflex to seal it all and then re apoxeyed the whole...
  2. Are Newport 30 mark 2 keel bolts structural?

    Sailboat Design and Construction
    I was under the impression that the keel bolts are what hold the keel on the boat, but read elsewhere that the keel on the Newport 30 was attached with epoxy and fiberglass and that that is what really holds the keel on these boats. The keel bolts were used for alignment and to hold the keel in...
  3. In need of Venture / Macgregor 25 Keel Replacement

    Any one have or know where i can get a v25 swinging keel replacement? Original is completely rusted out at the pivot hole. i jabbed at it with a screw driver to find all that is rusted out to consider a repair but it seems she got cancer a long time ago.. We just got the boat and found this out...
  4. Keel Grounding repair - DIY or pay for a profesional?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi Guys! First time posting on the forum... Just got back from a 9 day stellar tour of the San Jauns... Except that I managed to get a nice ding on a rock at the very bottom of my keel. I was going about 4.5 knts in a Catalina 27. I dove under and found a tennis ball sized dent in the deepest...
  5. Learning How to Repair My Iron Keel

    Gear & Maintenance
    Good afternoon everyone! I am a relatively new boat owner and looking for some help with repairing my keel. I am very open to attempting repairs myself, but just not sure exactly what I need to do. I have a 31 foot Niagara Sailboat which I dearly love. I have had it for 2 years and will...
  6. Mirage 30 Keel Joint and keel fairing question.

    SailNet Website Technical Support
    I purchased a Mirage 30 last year and I am in the process of removing the old anti fowl paint by orbital sander. The keel joint on the starboard is in bad shape as well as the keel on both sides needs fairing. Lots of material seems to have come off and the last owner simply sealed it up with an...
  7. Nicholson 33 Keel nuts replacment

    Gear & Maintenance
    I'm about to buy Nicholson 33 1976 Between the hull and the keel there are some cracks. I'm planning to change the Keel Nut (Stainless steel) Does any one knows if the keel is lead or Iron and if the nuts are j shaped cast in the keel or threaded? Thank you Eliad
  8. Com-Pac Sun Cat 17

    Learning to Sail
    I am new to sailing and own a 2000 Sun Cat 17 since Sept. One thing puzzles me, in light air (but have also noticed in wind 10-15) while tacking both to port and starboard as the boom crosses and I straighten the rudder the boat continues to turn away, even if I push the helm all the way over it...
  9. Washington DC area

    Chesapeake / Central US east coast
    We're moving to the Washington DC area this spring and with the shallow water in that portion of the Potomac, is my 3.5' draft too big? Curious what boats (and what drafts) local sailors have. I'd hate to have to sell my boat but I also don't want to be constant worry of getting stuck. Any...
  10. Cal 21 Removing the Keel

    Hello all, I just acquired a 1970 Cal 21. Considering its age I would like to drop the keel and fully inspect both it and the trunk before launching it. However it is on a trailer and I'd rather not put it in the yard as the closed full/self service boat yard is a good ways from me. So my...
  11. Keel Join on a PSC 37

    Pacific Seacraft
    I have an 89 PSC 37'. I am loading her up and getting ready to truck the boat from Main to Lake Superior (Marquette Mi). While I was at the dry storage this weekend I noticed the seam between what I think is the lead keel and the fiberglass seems to be more pronounced than I remember it. (See...
  12. Ranger 22 - Restoration Need Help!

    Hi! I just joined this forum i hope some of you could help me with some information. I recently acquired a 1978 Ranger 22 Sailboat. It is mostly there but it is still a restoration jobs. I'm having a hard time finding any information to help me on my efforts. Here are some of the questions I...
  13. Keel weight

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hello I am thinking about building a new keel for my 20 ft long sailboat, but I cannot figure out, how to decide the weight of the keel, are there any kind of mathematic formulas? Rasmus
  14. Keel Locking Bolt Problem

    I have a Venture 17, which is in pretty good shape, despite being a 1974 model. My wife and I have sailed it a few times, and it's pretty nice, with one exception - I can't quite get the swing keel to lock in place with the locking bolt. The keel winch, although rusted, works fine to lower the...
  15. Pearson 26 keel bolts

    Gear & Maintenance
    I am having my keel bolts redone. The boat yard I am using could only get them by special order. So they ended up with 75 instead of just the 8 they needed. These are 5/8 galvanized bolts, washers, and nuts. They are looking for any other Pearson 26 owners who might need them. They are only...
  16. The Saga of the Sad Swinging Keel

    Introduce Yourself
    First of all, let me thank those that have been kind enough to reply to my earlier posts. FishDragon is my first real sailboat (relatively speaking), and the first boat I've ever worked on - so if I seem clueless, that's why. Just got the boat up on blocks (is that the correct term?) a few days...
  17. Removing Swing Keel Advice Sought

    Introduce Yourself
    My '72 Venture 21 has a 400-lb swing keel (according to VENTURE 21 sailboat specifications and details on that needs to be removed, cleaned up and painted. The boat should be put on blocks tomorrow so I can start working on it. Any advice? It's held in place by a single...
  18. Keel Help!

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Alright I'm a student designing a boat on the computer and it has to have the jest of the boat. None of the complicated scaling and measurements have to be on the design, but I was wondering if a full keel gives better stability than a fin keel. My boat is just supposed to sail to a designated...
  19. Best way to attach keel cable?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Right now I have two stainless wire rope clamps keeping my keel cable attached. It has served well while I was working on the boat, but I am nearing the end of my restoration, so I want to make sure I have something that will hold up when I put the boat in the water, and I'm worried that isn't...
  20. Sun 2000 keel pivot maintenance

    Hi, Anyone know how to remove the keel from a Jeanneau SUN 2000 (circa 2003) so I can inspect the keel box and the pivot mechanism. Thanks