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  1. US Sailing vs. ASA courses, vs. just get out there

    Learning to Sail
    Getting back into sailing in FL (decades after sailing dinghies as a kid in NJ). Question - it looks as if both US Sailing and the American Sailing Association (ASA) offer sailing instruction on everything from basic keelboat to coastal cruising to navigation to anchoring/docking to offshore...
  2. Cape Dory or Tartan

    Learning to Sail
    Im interested in a sailing again. I only have a few years experence and plan on sailing in my lake Pontchartain (New Orleans, LA 10-12 feet depth on average). I'm looking at a 1980 Cape Dory 27 and a 1971 Tartan 27 I plan on sailing single handed most of the time. My wife and kids will sail less...
  3. I want to learn how to sail and then eventually start to race...

    Learning to Sail
    To be perfectly blunt and honest I have absolutely NO sailing experience. I desperately want to learn, but I also want to move on to competition racing. I'm eighteen years old, an upcoming college freshman, and my school does have a sailing club I'm hoping to join come fall. And I know this is...
  4. Windsurfing lessons in NE Ohio

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I'm a sailor but my kids want to learn to windsurf. I have an old board that's kind of advanced and really old technology. Thinking better off to take them somehwere for official lessons on a beginner board. Only found 1 in Columbus and one on Lake Erie (hard to learn there). Any suggestions?
  5. Learning to Sail near Tampa

    Learning to Sail
    Hello All! I have been reading every thread possible trying find out as much about sailing as possible. I live near Tampa and want to learn to sail. I see there are a lot of schools and such that will teach you but unfortunately that all cost quite a bit. I currently do not have much in the way...
  6. Pentagon / JWorld / Maryland / Chesapeake

    Learning to Sail
    Hi all, New guy here; my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our first daysail with a captain on a 30-something foot boat on the Chesapeake a couple weeks ago. Now that we live a measly 25 miles from Annapolis, we'd love to explore this hobby further. We're the type of people who seek out quality...
  7. New Guy Looking for Guidance

    Introduce Yourself
    I'm a 45 year old, land-locked guy from Greenville, SC, who really wants to return to sailing. I grew up sailing on lakes in the Carolina's, racing everything from Y-flyers to J24s and such, but stopped when I went off to college. Now I would like to learn to sail well enough to take my family...