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  1. Lost The Top To My Spirit 6.5... Any Suggestions?

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    While trailering my just-rehab'd 1981 North American Spirit 6.5, the lid must have blown off. Is there a remedy or do I need to start making one out of plywood then fiberglass it? Any help would be greatly appreciated! It is the sliding top part (it lays horizontally) which attaches to the...
  2. Modified strainer lid for flushing and winterizing

    I've read a number of links that talk about modifying a strainer basket lid for engine flushing, so I thought I would give it a try. Success. I modified the lid of a Vetus 330, both my genset and engine use this strainer. I drilled a 15/16" hole and then tapped it with a 3/4" NPT Pipe...