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  1. Electrical Systems & Solar
    I have a 1 year old lithium battery bank. The bank consists of 2 Victron, 12 volt, 200 ah batteries (400 ah total). The boat has been on the hard and has been on shore power for that year as the refit has progressed. I am interested in adding a 3rd 200 ah battery to the system. Can I add another...
  2. Electrical Systems & Solar
    "Everybody" agrees that Li-Ion is unsafe on a boat, and that we should be using LiFePO4 instead. But everybody is carrying around cell phones and other portable electronic devices that contain Li-Ion batteries. Clearly there's some sort of dividing line - cell phones are acceptable but house...
  3. Please Introduce Yourself
    just joined to learn more about what sizes, power and cost factors involved in choosing a engine starter battery. I've read a lot about lithium house batteries but very little about lithium starter batteries for marine engines. Maybe there is an engine rep. on this forum....
1-3 of 3 Results