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  1. Living Aboard
    My fiance and I are looking towards living aboard a boat in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. His mother already does live on a sailboat and has recently upgraded to an even larger boat, so we know what we are getting into -- but she is in Pensacola, Florida. I figured the most important...
  2. Living Aboard
    As I've been researching different marinas in the DC/MD/VA area, I've been surprised by how ambiguous it can be as to whether or not living aboard is permitted. Sometimes it may say it in writing, and I had been assuming that if it was in writing, that's what the marina meant. However, others...
  3. General Discussion (sailing related)
    I'm looking to move to Charleston, SC and live aboard at the City Marina. But I hear the mosquitoes can be bad from June to October. Anybody have any experience in this area?