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  1. 12' O'Day Widgeon - Missing Mast Step

    I recently acquired a 12' O'Day Widgeon, circa 1970's, from a family friend. Interestingly, they originally acquired this boat from my parents 10-15 years ago who purchased it used and sailed in New Orleans in their younger days. It's been through a lot. A little background about me... I took...
  2. NY/CT/LIS Boatyard & Marina help?

    US Northeast
    tl;dr I need advice on reasonable boat work nearish to NYC and a 2015 season marina up to 2 hours by train from NYC. Hi all! My husband and I are bringing our '74 Islander 37 from Ventura, CA to the East Coast because we recently had to move because of work. We are fairly new to sailing and...
  3. S2 11.0C Keel stepped mast repair

    I have a S2 11.0C with keel stepped mast I bought about 6 months ago. It appears that the Mast sits on a block of wood that has been fiber glassed over. It looks like that mast has sunk about 1/4". I drilled into the fiberglass to find that the wood within has some wet rott. My current plan is...
  4. compression at Mast step

    Folks, Looking at a Quickstep 24. One issue with this particular boat is compression at the mast step. Doesn't seem to be an all-around soft deck issue. Boat still sails, but I'm trying to learn how to fix. Not a lot of heavy windage here in the Finger Lakes of upstate NY, which is when it...
  5. Southern Cross 31 Compression Post/Mast Step

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Good evening all, I'm considering purchasing an SC31 for extending offshore cruising. I looked at one (owner finished) over the weekend that seems to be in good shape in general; however, there was one area that I found concerning. If you all have a moment to give your collective expert...
  6. Mast step bracket fills with water

    C & C
    Hi My 1980 C&C 34 mast step bracket on the keel is black metal, and fills up with condensation around the base of the mast around the shims, in the settee Should it have a hole in it somewhere that may be plugged over the years, as it is tough to clean and impossible to really see inside, Can I...
  7. Pivoting Mast Step

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have a 1967 Ericson 26 and would like some feedback regarding the installation of a pivoting mast step. I am considering this because I would like to reduce my costs when launching as I would not need a crane to step the mast and also, it would give me access to lights and tackle if the need...