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  1. Rebuilding the Volvo MD7A

    Gear & Maintenance
    In my continuing efforts to finish rebuilding the Cape Dory 30, I tackle the sticky inboard rebuild. In my case it's the Volvo MD7A. With parts not being made, it's a challenge finding them but in my experience but for the most part a thorough online and offline searching yielded me results...
  2. Volvo MD7 Overheating but exhaust water cold?

    I have certainly seen several threads on the volvo MD 6/7 engines overheating, and I am hoping some of those folks who have dealt with this before might be able to recognize my symptoms to help me narrow down what needs to be fixed. So when I start up my engine (takes 30-45seconds) it seems to...
  3. Volvo Penta MD7A fuel problem

    Hello everybody, I'm having problems with my volvo penta (surprise). After fueling up at the gas dock, the engine started right back up, ran for about 5 seconds, and then died. Wouldn't start back up but cranks fine. I've replaced all filters, and vented the fuel system. The problem now is I...
  4. Volvo Penta MD7A Where are Timing Marks? Which is #2 Cyl?

    I've got a Volvo Penta MD7A with a failed CAV fuel injector pump. I'm removing it but want to make sure it is timed properly when I re-install it. The timing marks on the flywheel and block are rusted/painted over and I can't find them. I have no idea where to even start looking for them...
  5. MD7A or parts for sale

    I'm repowering and in the process of removing a running MD7A Volvo diesel. It's run well since 1977, has some cooling and other issues but as I said, it runs well. For the long term, I'd need to remove it from the boat for rehab and since I'm outsourcing all the work it just doesn't pay for me...
  6. MD7A Exhaust Manifold Port identification

    I have a MD7A on my Cape Dory 28. I just got it 3 months ago and replaced the impeller, cleaned the thermostat housing and removed the exhaust manifold due to the large amount of debris. There was quite a bit of clogging so it was worthwhile. I believe I've figured out the flow pattern from the...