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  1. Atomic 4
    I recently purchased a 1968 tartan 34c that needs a total and complete never ending refit.. and I'm ok with that... I need to figure out if the repower moyer marine model is worth fixing vs repower and need a little help. anyone have an atomic 4 mechanic in the tampa area?
  2. Gear & Maintenance
    Hello all, I'm working toward finalizing the purchase of our first sailboat (1988 Hunter Legend 37.5) and I am so glad to join the sailnet community. I've been part of dual sport moto (KLR 650) forums and volkswagen forums (1986 Westy)for years and I'm glad to find you! So I've done quite a bit...
  3. Diesel
    Hey all, My boat is in Virginia near Portsmouth. I am looking for a good mechanic and someone who sells old Perkins parts. Let me know if you know of anyone. I heard there is a guy in York but no one seems to have his number.
1-3 of 3 Results