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  1. Maintenance/How-to Videos
    These titles got screwed up and I couldn't change them. So this video is about the Monitor Self Steering, Adjustable Jib Block and how the Racor filter suction gage made for a quick resolution to a bad situation.
  2. Cruising Videos
    Fighting contrary wind and ocean currents and a mysterious engine fail, after 15 days we arrive in the remote atoll of Chagos.
  3. Gear & Maintenance
    I have a Pearson Countess 44 and I've been going back and forth on wind vane systems for over a year. The Countess has worm gear steering, which seems to present some friction challenges for a traditional servo-pendulum gear and might require a really big quadrant to get enough turns on the...
  4. Electrical Systems & Solar
    I'm looking to monitor a two battery bank system. One bank for the house, and one for starting. I've been looking at the SmartGauge destibuted by Balmar, and another one by Victron. What I like about the SmartGauge is I don't have to calculate the aH my battery bank can currently hold. What...
  5. Electronics
    The older I get the more I like big screens so I can see things better. (Galaxy Note 3, was last "big screen" purchase). My question is as far as I can see on line, in order to get a large NAV/RADAR screen it must be a dedicated unit, I'm not finding the ability to plug into a larger generic...
  6. Pacific Seacraft
    I know a lot of Crealocks have self-steering wind vanes (usually Monitors), but I don't know for sure if such a thing would fit with a mizzen sail. Has anyone ever seen the combination? Has anyone ever measured to see if the vane would interfere with the mizzen boom?
  7. Seamanship & Navigation
    I installed my long desired Monitor wind vane last year. Before I got it, I always parked stern-to because the marina has short finger piers and access to the cockpit is so much easier when moored that way. Now, I'm so nervous about damaging the vane and its supports that I never back into my...
1-7 of 7 Results