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  1. Mounting Solar Panel

    Electrical Systems
    I'm in the process of designing a solar system to power an Engel refrigerator/freezer and keep a Group 27 battery (also used to power occasionally used inverter) charged. I've decided on a 140W panel and am thinking of mounting it - independent of my bimini - on a vertical, twin pole platform...
  2. AGM Mounting positions

    Electrical Systems
    Hi! I've read in many places that one of the advantages of AGM batteries is that they can be mounted in many odd positions that wet cells cannot. In every picture I've seen or account I've heard, however, they are always mounted just as a car battery would be. Has anyone actually mounted one in...
  3. Mounting a VHF Radio in a Bulkhead

    SailNet FAQ
    I wanted to mount my new VHF radio into a bulkhead in my little Montgomery 17. I have seen this done in photos before but I never understood exactly how the y did it. So after I recieved some advice on here from some fellow S-neter's I had a plan. I put the plan into action and it all turned...
  4. Jacklines

    Gear & Maintenance
    I am in the process of setting up jacklines on my Alberg 30. I am going to use 1" tublar webbing. I want to keep them as close to centerline as possible. Was wondering if anyone out there had pics of their setup they would like to share? I am thinking of running a jackline in each side the...