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mylar spinnaker

  1. Mylar Head Sail Help!!!

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello, I work as a dockmaster and was recently left a Mylar Head Sail (Atleast thats what i think it is) From someone that was racing Transpac (LB-HI) due to excess wait.. Long Story Short Its been sitting in the bag, rolled up properly from the past 6 months and i need it gone. It Looks to...
  2. Mylar Spinnaker?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi. I just picked up a mylar spinnaker for my bucaneer 250. Its made by Ward sails. I never really heard of these except for americas cup. What little info i can find recomends them for light air. It looks cool. See thru with vetical seems. Does anyone have any experience with these, like...