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  1. NYC/NJ cruise

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Hello forum, my girlfriend and I are visiting New York City during late September, early October. We would love to see sights off the usual tourist's track. Perhaps there is a member in the area (NJ would be fine, too) that plans a trip in that period and is willing to have the two of us on...
  2. Daysail Rental NY/NJ Area?

    I've been searching and searching and I can't seem to find any place to rent a larger (with a cabin area) sailboat in the NY/NJ area. All the lakes in my area (Essex, NJ) either don't have any sailboat rental options, or small (10-15') options without accommodation of a larger party. I own a...
  3. Sailing in the Northeast; need some advice!

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I just found out that I may be moving in the fall to Princeton, NJ for work. We own a 22' swing keel, trailerable sailboat (Laguna Windrose) and we have been sailing for the past several years on a large lake in KY where we keep it in a marina all year. Although I am happy to move this fall, I...
  4. Sailing The Point Pleasant Canal

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi Everyone, I am going to attempt the sail from long island sound to the barnegat bay this upcoming weekend. I can't seem to find much information on the point pleasant canal. Does anyone know if the bridges are operating and how to go about navigating the canal? any information would be...
  5. Summer dry storage needed for 21-footer on trailer

    Introduce Yourself
    I have a Venture 21 on a trailer that I'm hoping to sail in Raritan Bay this summer, and am hoping to find a place to keep it that isn't too far from Raritan. Unfortunately, being relatively new to New Jersey (and to sailing), I don't know where to even begin looking and was hoping someone on...
  6. Circumnavigation without instruments

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Marvin Creamer will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of his unmatched triumph of sailing around the world using no navigational instruments. (The Globestar Voyage) Rowan University will be hosting "A Voyage with Marvin Creamer" with a VIP reception available to meet and interact with the...
  7. Panama to New Jersey in may

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Hello, I am Sailing from Panama to Riverside New Jersey in May this year. I am looking at pilot charts and planning my route. Looking for input regarding the leg through the Caribbean, then up the East coast. The pilot charts indicate that the wind from Florida and up would be from the...
  8. Raritan Bay, NJ side - Looking for Info on Slips, Ramps Trailered Storage

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi; I'm relatively new to sailing and to New Jersey. I currently keep our 1972 MacGreggor Venture 21 in Lanoka Harbor, Forked River, NJ - but am looking to keep it near the New Jersey shore portion of Raritan Bay, and am hoping to get some tips on finding a new location for next summer. I sail...
  9. Crew Available- NYC area sailing

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hi. I am a beginner sailor looking to get some more experience and time on the water. I have completed the basic keelboat course and participate in weekly club sails and races. However, I am looking to gain some experience on some larger cruising boats than the 26ft race boats the club...